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Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

We provide an extensive directory of hospitals and health care facilities offering rehabilitation services. We help eliminate the anxiety of navigating all the choices available by making facility comparisons very easy!

We will connect you with the best drug alcohol rehab treatment centers in your area. Regardless of where you live in the USA, we will help you find the perfect Alcohol or Drug Rehab Center for your needs.

Local Rehab And Detox

Residential rehabilitation programs provide extra care and support in a controlled environment to help reduce the risk of relapse during recovery. Detox facilities provide safe, medicinally aided and monitored programs addressing all the physical aspects of addiction and recovery.


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We’ll place you in the best rehab & detox facilities across the country.
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We accept over 80% of Private & Employer Benefit Insurance Policies and we’ll place you in the best
rehab and detox facilities across the country. We’ll do it today, and we’ll do it for free.

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What We’ll Do For You Will Be Beyond Your Expectations

We will connect you with the best drug alcohol rehab treatment centers in your area. Regardless of where you live in the USA, we will help you find the perfect alcohol or drug center for your needs


Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Facility ImageTreatment Facilities

Peaceful, luxurious, resort style environments & amenities coupled with a relaxed atmosphere at each of our rehab facilities makes the detoxification process extremely successful and comfortable for our patients.

We will place you in a facility that offers you all the conveniences, treatment plans and therapists to suit your individual needs and circumstance.

One On One Meeting At A Drug Alcohol Rehab FacilityOne On One Support

Every partner facility we place our clients with have dedicated teams of case managers who will work one-on-one directly with you, making sure you receive the best treatment for your specific individual needs.

Many drug alcohol rehab facilities offer support groups and therapy sessions but at Addiction Recovery Now, our facilities take patient care to the next level. We offer one on one support, consultations and individualized treatment plans. Nothing is left to chance.

Medical Staff At A Drug Alcohol Rehab Facility24/7 On-Site Medical Staff

Having one of the largest networks of licensed psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists, Addiction Recovery creates an environment of long term, sustainable success!

Get in touch with us now by calling our 24/7 free drug alcohol rehab helpline at (844) 251 5482. One of our support specialists will help you understand the whole process and answer any questions you may have.


Addiction Recovery
Is A 
Journey Worth Taking
A Destination Worth Living!


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Admitting To Addiction

Admitting to an addiction can be tough but taking the first step to get help can be even tougher. When seeking drug or alcohol treatment there can often be an element of fear or deep apprehension and anxiety.

For some its the fear of the unknown or the fear of being judged. However, when we get past such fears and make the call, we understand that the fear was just an illusion to keep us trapped but the reality is, help is always at hand as.

No one wants to speak to another who does not understand or does not empathise with their own experiences or addictive impulses, so it is always important that an addiction sufferer can speak to people who genuinely understand their needs


We Know What It’s Like To Make That Call

At ‘Addiction Recovery Now’ all our telephone staff are fully trained counsellors, who are often previous addicts themselves, and are always on hand to receive your call.

They will allow you to speak openly and freely, whilst listening with compassion and understanding, and they’ll place you in the best drug alcohol rehab treatment and detox facilities in your area or, if you prefer, out of State. They’ll do it today, and they’ll do it for free.

If you are ready to take the journey of recovery and gain a better understanding of your drug or alcohol addiction and how you can control and beat it, instead of it beating you, then pick up the phone and call now.

Our professional and friendly addiction recovery specialists will help you through the first steps of recovery and will discuss openly with you how one of our drug and alcohol rehab centers will be able to help you through your addiction and to finally overcome it for good.

You are not the first addiction sufferer we will have helped through a telephone call. So don’t be afraid to make the call and to begin a journey that will change your life forever!


The Negative Behavioural Impact Of Addiction


Impulsive Behaviour

The need for drug and alcohol rehab treatment: Addictions come in many forms with the most common being Drug and Alcohol related. However, what is common amongst all addictions is the fact that as they build up overtime impulsive behaviour begins to set in.

Sometimes addictive impulses can be so overwhelming for the sufferer that they become uncontrollable and generally lead to bouts of aggression, criminality and/or deep depression.

The impulsive nature of addiction can cause an addict to make decisions that can not only harm themselves but also the ones they love. It does not matter where anyone lives in the USA there are always sufferers of addiction to be found.

Irrational Behaviour

In the moment, nothing matters to an addict but the immediate ‘satisfaction’ of receiving the addictive pleasure. It is a truly powerful feeling that often overwhelms a sufferer as he/she succumbs to the ‘fix’.

All rationale is lost in the moment. Sometimes it only takes minutes for the addict to fall into deep regret… but often in that very short space of time, immense damage can already have been done.

The understanding of addiction by the medical community has increased greatly thanks to significant medical funded research. It has become more apparent in modern times that the route cause of addiction is primarily a Psychological one.

Due to this increased understanding Doctors have been able to create successful treatment programs that help sufferers understand the reality of their own addictions and to successfully help sufferers overcome them.

Psychological & Physical Scars From Self Harm

Regrettably, some drug fuelled addictions can turn a sufferer to self-harm. Not only do they have to contend with mental scars from their behaviors but physical ones as well. Giving an explanation of self-harm scars to other people can feel pretty much like an unthinkable task.

Self-harming can lead to scars that may well last a life-time and as such you may not feel at ease wearing clothes that expose your scars to the world. Patience as well as time are both essential components in diminishing the look of your scars.

100% Natural Revitol Scar CreamHowever, there are over the counter as well as online medicinal treatment methods that can be used to diminish the prominence of your scars, such as, scar removal creams. Whilst not all types of scars can be removed entirely, using a 100% all-natural scar removal cream will give you the best results. A product such as Revitol will really help to get the job done and help you feel more comfortable about your body as your scars begin to vanish.


Addiction Recovery
Is A 
Journey Worth Taking
A Destination Worth Living!



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President Trump

Increased Need For Drug Alcohol Opioid Addiction Rehab Treatment Centers In USA

President Trump

President Trump Administration

Recent reports and remarks made by President Trump have drawn a lot of attention and awareness to what can only be described as an addiction epidemic engulfing the whole of the USA. Sufferers blighted by addiction are not all receiving the help and treatment required.

The need for increased focus on sufferers, blighted by drug and alcohol addiction, to help facilitate them into drug rehab treatment centers has never been more acute than in the light of recent reports and studies that have drawn attention and awareness to what can only be described as an addiction epidemic engulfing the whole of the USA.

Sobering Numbers – In 1979 the number of people admitting to having used illicit drugs was 31.3%. By 2015 that figure had risen to 48.8%, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Deaths from overdose rose from 17,415 in 2000 to 52,404 by 2015. In that time, 11 times more people were in prison due to drug-related offenses. In 1980 only 40.900 drug-related offenses were registered. By 2015, this figure had risen to 469,545 according to The Sentencing Project.

States with the highest percentage of teenage drug users are reported; Colorado, the District of Columbia, Vermont, Oregon and Rhode Island. However, this is by no means a young adult issue. It is becoming prevalent in older age groups as the Opioid & Opiate abuse reporting has recently indicated.

It is ironic, however, that even though President Trump and Congress have firmly highlighted opioid addiction and drug overdoses as a high priority issue, the biggest drug-related problems recorded across the whole of the USA are in fact to be found in DC’s own back yard.

The District of Columbia has long had a tradition and been the center of illicit drug trafficking and abuse and remains so to this day. Even with an enormous amount of regeneration projects, both commercial and residential, DC is still unable to shake its drug-related problems.

Treatments need to be made widely available to all for the sake of society and communities. How exactly Donald Trump, his administration, and Congress are able to markedly reduce the current drug use epidemic is anyone’s guess. However, it is certainly one that is to be addressed and should, therefore, be commended.

In the meantime, recently launched website ‘Drug Alcohol Rehab‘ aims to do its part in helping those in need of drug addiction and also alcohol abuse treatment. Supported by the Addiction Recovery Now network, one of the USA’s largest networks of licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists, addiction sufferers will be able to turn to them for much-needed help, understanding, and treatment.

Their highly trained and specialist counselors will sympathetically help addiction suffering callers through the maze of options available to them and the wide variety of treatments that will best suit the suffers individual needs and circumstance. These specialist counselors are often previous addiction sufferers themselves so are able to empathise and understand a callers anxieties, needs and concerns.

Over 80 popular private health insurance policies are accepted by the Network and in the majority of cases, they can secure 100% insurance financing for their patients. In a time when many addiction sufferers have no one to turn to who can understand their needs, difficulties, and situation, it is re-assuring that there is help at hand 24/7.

Drug and Alcohol addiction sufferers can call Addiction Recovery Now directly, Toll Free: (844) 251 5482


Source Article: http://actionswift.com/news/


Negative Effects of Marijuana

Is Marijuana Smoking Addictive - Image

What Are The Negative Effects of Marijuana?

It’s easy to think that there are no negative effects of marijuana (Pot) because it’s widely used and turned to as a vehicle for relaxation despite it’s illegality.

Pot addiction is considered by many to create no problems for the body. However, this isn’t the case and it can be subtle in how it effects you.

Another thing that people say is that you can stop smoking pot without craving for it. The effect of pot addiction on the user is not so much on the physical side, but more psychological.

You can get in the habit of using it to fall asleep and get the mind to stop racing or review the thoughts about the day, a person in your past or job anxiety. The body then gets used to this being a way to tune things out rather then developing a way to process emotions and stay calm in the midst of negative feelings.

The real art is to feel the tough situations of life but be able to consciously put them aside and know that they aren’t ultimately gripping.

Memory & Other Health Issues

Memory seems to be one issue that many notice has declined amongst their friends who smoke marijuana frequently. Also due to the deep inhalation in smoking weed, there is evidence of increased carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco . On a short-term level the heart can increase it’s rate for up to 3 hours when you smoke pot.

Withdrawal From Smoking Pot

This usually manifests in the form of sleep disturbance, irritability, anxiety and anger. The drug also stays in the body of the user for about 30 days.

The best bet is to learn how to process problems and sit with dark emotions so you learn the skills of not freaking out when things are not going your way or are not smooth in life. This makes you a master of situations and not drug-dependent.

If you have an issue with Marijuana and would like to speak to someone about it and seek treatment, call us:  (844) 251 5482