Effects Of Percoset Abuse

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Percoset Abuse And Their Effects

In order to relieve the pain after a surgical operation or to reduce the discomfort associated with bodily pains, a physician may prescribe a patient percocet. Note that many users spell this as percoset or call them percs. Either way, percoset abuse is on the rise.

Even though it is a common practice, a lot of patients do not know that percoset is regulated drug, due to the fact that it is quite addicting. As a matter of fact, abuse can be triggered in as little as three weeks of taking in the drug. For some individuals, one way to get beyond the problem is by utilizing inpatient percocet addiction rehab help.

Percoset is a medication that is considered as a “schedule II” drug, and is only obtainable under prescription. Percoset is highly addictive, as it contains a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone. Oxycodone is a narcotic analgesic and a stimulant; whereas acetaminophen is a pain reliever. Percs also contains a small amount of opium, which is derived from poppy plants.

Patients who begin to abuse percocet often experience a sense of “euphoria” that replaces their pain with some sort of synthetic feelings of well-being. As their bodies begin to build up a tolerance for the drug, the desire for euphoria becomes more and more difficult to achieve.

Side Effects Of Percoset

side effect of percoset abuse is an increasing physical and emotional need for the drug. Often, there is a perceptible rise in the amount of intake amount, as well as an increase in how often it is consumed throughout the day.

People who abuse percoset will often show symptoms of peculiar drowsiness that may begin to interfere with the everyday activities. As the daily dosage of percoset abuse increases, sleep becomes rather a necessity due to its narcotic properties. As the addiction ensues, the abuser may also begin to show signs of stupor induced by the drug. Continuous increases can eventually lead to comatose.

Changes in behavior also play a major role in percoset addiction. The insatiable desire for percocet is a detrimental effect as the abuser actually becomes extremely pre-occupied to the point of obsession of thinking ways how to take in more of this drug.

Percoset abuse also triggers the victim or visit his or her physician’s offices to get more prescriptions. He or she may also visit the local emergency room to get additional prescriptions as well. Doctor shopping as a common practice to get more and users try to outsmart pharmacies and doctors by running to different clinics, hospitals and drug stores to beat the system.