Methadone Addiction

Methadone Addiction

Unintended Consequences – Methadone Addiction

When a person goes in for treatment for a variety of different drugs, including heroin, they are often given another drug to help them through the process. One of the best known of these drugs is methadone. Even though this does have the ability to bring them off of their addiction slowly, an individual may end up with a methadone addiction.

This can be just as difficult to break as the original drug addiction that they had, at times even worse. Since this drug is used in order to help people with serious addictions, how can it be so bad?

The fact of the matter is, when an individual goes in for heroin treatment they may be able to get over the effects of the drug within a week. After that time, they may still need to be rehabilitated to a certain extent but the physical addiction to the heroin is gone.

Getting Off Methadone

A methadone addiction, on the other hand, may take up to a month or longer before it is finally dissipated. For somebody that goes in to be treated for one addiction, they may end up with one that is a bit worse. Finding out about methadone treatment centers is an important step towards recovery.

Many individuals that take this drug are unable to distinguish between it and the heroin that they were originally addicted to. Methadone addictions can be broken gradually, however, something that is not as easily done with heroine. In order to truly be free of your addictions, however, methadone also needs to be removed from your life.

Do You Have A Methadone Problem?

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