Negative Effects of Marijuana

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What Are The Negative Effects of Marijuana?

It’s easy to think that there are no negative effects of marijuana (Pot) because it’s widely used and turned to as a vehicle for relaxation despite it’s illegality.

Pot addiction is considered by many to create no problems for the body. However, this isn’t the case and it can be subtle in how it effects you.

Another thing that people say is that you can stop smoking pot without craving for it. The effect of pot addiction on the user is not so much on the physical side, but more psychological.

You can get in the habit of using it to fall asleep and get the mind to stop racing or review the thoughts about the day, a person in your past or job anxiety. The body then gets used to this being a way to tune things out rather then developing a way to process emotions and stay calm in the midst of negative feelings.

The real art is to feel the tough situations of life but be able to consciously put them aside and know that they aren’t ultimately gripping.

Memory & Other Health Issues

Memory seems to be one issue that many notice has declined amongst their friends who smoke marijuana frequently. Also due to the deep inhalation in smoking weed, there is evidence of increased carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco . On a short-term level the heart can increase it’s rate for up to 3 hours when you smoke pot.

Withdrawal From Smoking Pot

This usually manifests in the form of sleep disturbance, irritability, anxiety and anger. The drug also stays in the body of the user for about 30 days.

The best bet is to learn how to process problems and sit with dark emotions so you learn the skills of not freaking out when things are not going your way or are not smooth in life. This makes you a master of situations and not drug-dependent.

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