LDS Facts & The Federal Government

LDS Facts (LSD For The Initiated)

Why the confusion between LDS facts and LSD acronym? Only the author knows.

LSD is classified by the Federal Government as a Class 1 drug. LSD is short for d-lysergic acid diethylamide and was discovered along with psilocybin in 1943. D-lysergic acid diethylamide is one of the most potent hallucinogenic and mood-changing drugs known to man. It starts out as ergot – a fungus that grows on certain grains and is made from that fungus. Psilocybin is also a fungus and is a small mushroom.

In the sixties, Richard Alpert was a Harvard professor who changed his name to Baba Ram Dass and wrote the book, “Be Here Now”. He connected lsd with higher consciousness and breaking through ordinary structures of perception and consciousness. Many college students used lsd or acid in the sixties for experimenting into the nature of consciousness, but it also was used as a recreational drug by people looking for a high.

You can see Ram Dass speak here about psychedelic drugs. Some people say that a certain maturity must be attained to experiment with psychedlics and that it should only be tried from time to time by those people, not abused as a drug of pleasure.

The Carlos Castaneda books discuss his studies with a Mexican sorcerer and some of their adventures used drugs to try to break through certain types of mental habits including self-importance. Timothy Leary and Huxley’s Doors of Perception were also read widely in the sixties and seventies by those seeking to change their awareness.

LSD & DLS FACTSIn What Forms Does it Come?

The dosage of LSD is so small, it can be hidden on small squares of blotting paper, or a drop can be placed on a sugar cube. It is a clear liquid and can basically be applied to any medium before ingestion. It is taken orally.

LSD – LDS Facts – It’s Many Effects

For each individual the results can be different and are often indescribable, it depends on the user’s situation, comfort level, state of mind and expectations. Ask 10 people how their “trip” was and you will get different answers! The symptoms of someone who is under the influence of LSD are often apparent first of all by weird behavior, incoherent speech and wandering thoughts plus rapid violent mood changes.

LSD causes very realistic visual and auditory hallucinations. The line between a user’s sensations can cross over from one to the other – tasting colors or seeing sounds, and things that are static will appear to move. Sense of time can also disappear completely, some people who have come out of a trip, often have lost a day of their lives – and who knows where.

One of the bad LSD – LDS facts is that users can often become terrified during these trips and panic, some have died from jumping out of windows – as LSD can negate the perception of height too.

Long Term Problems Of Taking Acid

Flashbacks can happen the next day, or a year after ingesting LSD. These may only last for a second, but can appear to last much longer, again, the perception of time disappears. Repeated use of LSD over long periods can cause psychosis and lasting mental illness. LSD is not an addictive drug though, like cocaine and heroin, there is no physical dependency on the drug.

One of the curious LSD – LDS facts is that some people that have used it state that the perception of the world and life in general changes for the good, for the rest of their lives.

Psilocybin is a similar hallucinogenic drug that has been used is religious practices and within “mystic” religions for thousands of years. Today LSD is being investigated for its beneficial uses with terminal cancer patients, who are often morose, depressed and suffer high levels of anxiety.

By administering LSD to test patients, an improvement was shown in some patients. Thirty percent showed dramatic improvement, with another 40% showed moderate improvement, the remainder either stayed the same and a very small percentage got worse.

Reading the lyrics to The Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” describes an LSD experience very well.

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